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Precious Wisdom

What is Precious Wisdom…

Precious Wisdom Certified

Precious Wisdom(™) is a divine channelled healing system, gifted to the world through Alexandra Wenman by the Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and the Councils of Light to assist us in awakening to our true power . The power of love. This beautiful healing is the energetic gift of Spiritual Alchemy delivered in the form of ancient sacred symbols and the universal golden ray of Lord Melchizedek.

Precious Wisdom holds you in a place of pure, unconditional love and helps to awaken your light body, connecting you to your true divinity and pure love. It is a safe, nurturing space where you feel love, support and peace within. Precious Wisdom is sacred alchemy. It is a deep inner process that transmutes baser aspects of self, for example, worry, stress and negativity, allowing you to connect to the ‘gold’ of your true nature and divinity.
All we need we have within, we have unlimited potential and we can create the life we desire, Precious Wisdom alchemy gently opens the door to connect with your inner most being, your higher self, your divine spark, to follow your true soul calling. It is rapid, transformational and will create changes in your life as you become aligned, mind body and spirit to leading a life of your true calling.

A Precious Wisdom energy healing treatment involves a consultation and overview of where you are in your life now and what you’d like some support with. Your treatment will take place in a tranquil environment, with peaceful music and our signature scent to enhance the peaceful experience. During the treatment, you will be asked to sit or lay fully clothed and be covered in a soft blanket and then you will feel Jade’s hands on or near you in strategic places to bring deep relaxation and receive loving energy and the sacred symbols.
You can choose to have a Precious Wisdom standalone treatment or to combine it with a Reiki treatment, this is something you can discuss in your consultation as each treatment is tailored to your specific needs.

Precious Wisdom Healing Circles

Precious Wisdom Healing Circles are an opportunity to come together as a collective and receive Precious Wisdom healing energy.

The circles are held regularly and we start with a guided meditation to quieten the mind and then you are guided to your personal healing sanctuary, where you will receive the healing you need in that moment. It is a different experience from a one to one session as you will be in a group of up to 10 people and it is a hands-off approach, as Jade performs healing for the group. People often report feeling lighter, relaxed and peaceful. If you’d like to come along to a group, get in touch for more info.