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" Jade is a delight. She is kind, compassionate and calming. Her focus is on providing the best and most appropriate treatment with attention to the particular needs of each individual. Her session with me was nurturing, relaxing, calming and balancing. I look forward to my next."

Delia Roughley, Kinesiologist

“I had the most wonderful experience with Jade! I was feeling a little down and out of sorts with myself and saw Jade to help me get grounded again. As well as helping me bring back to myself and helping me take a little time for me, she also helped me identify an underlying health issue that I have since had treated. Every time I went to see her she was so lovely and gentle, she listened to my body and needs to give me the best possible treatment. Could not recommend Jade enough.”

Ciara , Bridal Assistant

“My session with Jade was really profound. Her manner relaxed me into the session. While my mind was racing, her encouragement led me into a really deep state of relaxation. I felt energy move very intensely at certain points and felt I was really journeying into different realms at times. I was really stressed and contracted before the session, I felt like she cleared so much away and really shifted me into a new state of mind and being. Her feedback after the session was really spot on. She is a very intuitive and gifted healer”

Samantha Trinder, Founder of Bhuti
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